"I've been working with Taurean for six months and I feel fantastic because of it. I have never felt stronger or more fit in my life. Taurean is knowledgeable and passionate about fitness, and it shows. He brings his energy and positive attitude to every session. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, and comfortable. He makes each workout challenging, but fun. He ensures I use the correct form with each exercise, for safe, effective results. He motivates me to do my best. I have incredible energy and my balance and flexibility have improved enormously. I would recommend Taurean without reservation"

- Rosemary Ronald, Financial Analyst at ATB Financial

Wellman Wellness is your choice for a balanced training program that achieves results while equipping you with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Starting with a specific assessment, Wellman Wellness puts the "personal" back into training by addressing your movement issues, and discussing a game plan that suits you best by using specific restorative techniques aimed at fixing your "tissues with issues". From there, your new approach to warming up prepares your body for optimal results. Programs are designed on your needs for:



Injury Rehabilitation

Posture Correction To Alleviate Pain and Tightness

Mobility Training

Weight Loss


Sports Performance

Just to name a few​.....

These components of program design ensure long-term success, since it stabilizes your body to ensure safe movement from the most challenging workouts. You avoid injury while creating a powerful, functional, sculpted body.  


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Wellman Wellness Training

Edmonton, AB Canada


Email: tajwm@hotmail.com