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My dream is for Wellman Wellness Training to be a leader in the fitness industry by providing the full spectrum of training in an innovative way.

Wellman Wellness Training will set the personal training standard from effective and proper application of warm-ups to powerful workouts. Wellman Wellness will provide clients efficient and safe training to achieve optimal fitness and wellness.

Taurean Wellman, Owner of Wellman Wellness Training.


My life has always been embraced with the benefits of physical activity. From the day I started walking (7 months, 15 days according to my mother) I was always moving. By the time I was 4 I played my first sport (soccer) and fell in love with athletics ever since. Along the way I garnered so many lifelong improvements in physical, mental, and relational health. Physically I was able to hone skills needed to be a proficient athlete, taught to me by so many wonderful coaches and mentors. I valued their advice, so I practised relentlessly. Mentally, I was able to harness the properties of discipline and commitment, which carried over into my lifestyle as an adult. The team dynamics, and all the personalities that had to co-exist gave me an inside look into relationships. It paved the way into truly understanding personality types, and what best serves them to help them be successful. My future was always destined to be in health and wellness, as it governed my life in such a positive manner that I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

With all the triumphs that come from successes of sport and physical activity, the real lessons for everlasting change from the impact of injuries. There were numerous issues that were arising due to movement dysfunction, and the risks involved with highly competitive sports. No doubt there were a lot of health professionals that came to my aid to provide partial repairs, but the unfortunate thing was they could never truly come up with a method or cycle to completely rehabilitate, and prevent further issues from arising.  Looking back on what I know now, these problems were mostly being caused by an inability to diagnose, and prescribe a sound sequential base of fusion based training to correct movement problems, stability issues, activation issues, reduce tightness etc for my needs as an athlete.

These accumulative problems became more pronounced when I suffered from my most substantial injury, one that surpassed the complexity of countless injuries I had previously.


It's the word I'd use to describe how I felt after I got a serious concussion & spinal fractures to the neck and back. For about a year, everyday life was unbearable. My lack of memory, mood changes, inability to withstand bright lights, loud sounds, and other symptoms plagued me. I was indecisive, unable to properly walk, talk or eat. I was lost in negative thoughts. I was depressed and contemplated suicide. People didn't want to be around the negativity; I realized changes needed to happen.

Although I was receiving treatments from amazing health professionals to prevent the symptoms from getting worse, it wasn't the solution to full rehabilitation. I had to dedicate my time and studies to focus on the intricacies of exercises that aligned with my circumstances. Furthermore, the ironic thing was that i started to see the exact same problems for a lot of my personal community of clientele, friends, family and their respective networks. They may have had training tips, from several sources, but a lot of their uncontrollable circumstances from their commitments, and lifestyles were predisposing them to failures or setbacks when they tried to be accountable to their health by exercising. There was no one in their corner to address the heart of these matters and unfortunately a lot of them were getting injuries, nor did they have will strength to push through the pains and strains caused by dysfunction to their body. For their sake, and my own, I couldn't take shortcuts. I had to fine tune my choices and direction for education to heal. It was my duty to give perspective, insight and confident coaching that could direct someone into sound, healthy applications of movement. My life, and countless others, depended on it. This time, my studies focused on natural restorative warm-up exercises, coupled with progressive intensities of workouts to stimulate the same common goals people have with exercise:

  • To stay trim
  • Have lots of energy
  • Be able to enjoy the benefits of participating in a variety of physically challenging activities, without the risk.

The cool thing was it helped heal my head and my body. My health got better. I was able to train again. My personal relationships also improved. My patience returned.

I was able to help people, especially those who suffered from injuries. There are no simple solutions for concussions, or any injuries for that matter. I've dedicated my last 11 years trying to understand and learn from all those around me. Their methods and teachings have guided and helped me develop my own therapeutic and restorative process for the body. My experience involved countless setbacks but it gave me the knowledge that has allowed me to flourish as a professional. I am proud to share my skills and expertise with others.

Maybe you've suffered from some similar issues, with no real answers on how to get better. Well I want you to know that these experiences gave me an unique understanding on the connection between the body, and exercise. I truly look forward to the challenge of discovering the needs of my clients' bodies. Putting the 'personal' back into training is what I strive to do with each of them. My end goal is to empower people to get over those setbacks so they can achieve and maintain their own optimal wellness.

Join me and start your journey to your wellness today!

Believe and you will achieve!

- Taurean Wellman

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