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  • Wellman Wellness Training

    "I am currently 20 years old, who's played just about every sport you can think of. Football, Rugby, and Soccer being my main sports. My major sports (Rugby & Football) are High Intensity, contain violent contact and all of them  entail LOTS of running, quick stopping, jumping, etc...

    For an athlete like myself, your body goes through war every day. With the years and years of wear and tear plus minor/major injuries, eventually, it all catches up to you. Before seeing Taurean, I had excruciating shoulder and upper back pain, coupled with a knee injury I sustained a few years back left me sleepless at night, stressed during the day, and in constant pain which began to interrupt my training in the off season(s).  My offseason program I was utilizing was not addressing these issues and I continued to suffer, with the season starting at the end of July- early August 2016.

    I've sought out numerous treatments to fix my issues, from massage therapist all the way to acupuncturists, all of which were unable to fix my problem let alone even figure it out what was wrong. What Taurean did for me was amazing.  Not only am I on my way to a pain free life again, He has also fixed all my muscle imbalances, re-establishing proper movement patterns back into my daily life so injuries like these don't reoccur again, while at the same time getting me ready for a long, physically demanding football season. I feel as though the older I get, the more I am going to need this guy in my life. Taurean is a great mentor & coach and I am proud to say that we have made a lifelong friendship as well. Thanks Wellman Wellness Training!"

    Brandon Quach / Slotback / Edmonton Wildcats Football (CJFL)
  • Wellman Wellness Training

    "I kept complaining to friend of mine that I didn’t like the way I felt or looked. I wanted to lose some weight. She recommended Taurean Wellman. I hadn’t worked out before when I met Taurean. I had no clue what to expect. On our first session, we sat down and discussed what my goals and any injuries. I felt comfortable with him because he took his time to get to know to me. Taurean knows how to focus on those problems areas and he changed the way I think about my body, about fitness and also helped change my eating habits. I always looked forward to my training sessions with Taurean no matter how I feel when I enter the gym. The workouts left me feeling great because he pushed me for that extra little bit that I needed to get the results I was looking for. He is the best trainer. He made fitness fun!"

    Josephine Kinyanjui / Student / University of Manitoba
  • Wellman Wellness Training

    "I’ve been training with Taurean since Jan 2016 and am extremely happy with my results! I work a stressful job that requires 12 hour shifts that are a mix of days and nights, and a lot of overtime. Over the years I’ve found myself slowly gaining weight and becoming stiffer as I sat through the long hours at work. By the end of last year, I was seeing chiropractors and massage therapists just to help fix my neck and back pain, along with headaches that didn’t seem to go away.

    When I first met Taurean, he was offering a New Year’s special that would provide me with a meal guide and some work out tips. However after discussing my goals with him, it was apparent that I should try out his full work out program. We first started off with a session or two per week to see how I would like it and by the end of the month, I was impressed! We continued on since then, averaging two sessions per week, and not only have I lost 30lbs and 5 inches from my waist, but also am no longer living with back or neck pain! I am no longer stiff and sluggish, and have way more energy than ever before. I’ve also been headache free!

    Of course it wasn’t easy, time and effort had to be put in, but Taurean always came up with different work outs that kept things interesting. It made going to the gym much more fun than just lifting the same weights, doing the same thing time after time. Instead, Taurean focused on mobility and rotational training, along with weights and high intensity work outs. After each session, I felt better than before. I am able to do much more now and am happy how far I’ve gone. Since last year, my glucose and cholesterol levels have returned to a healthy, optimal level and my BMI is drastically better. I hope to continue this progress and become as active and healthy as I was 10 years ago. Thanks Taurean for all your help!"

    Christina Sung / Control Center Operator / Enbridge Pipelines Inc.