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One-on-one Personal Training is your best opportunity to achieve your goals. The training includes..​

Consultation & Assessment

The start of your optimal wellness journey to ensure you become educated and informed of the steps necessary to achieve optimal wellness for the long term...

  • Thorough questionnaire providing insight into your goals, anatomy chart that pinpoints problematic areas, nutrition consulting, previous exercise history, preference of training style ​
  • Specific testing, that determines your strengths and weaknesses of some of our most 'primal' movement patterns (which include walking, lunging, squatting, pushing and pulling techniques) joint integrity tests of the shoulder, hip, knee, feet, ankle joints, core strength, and mobility to specifically map out a game plan of efficient, rapid results

Program Design

All programs designed by Wellman Wellness Training have exercises created to help you with:

  • Reducing Inflammation, Pain, Tightness In Problematic Areas
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Mobility Training
  • Weight Loss training
  • Bodybuilding

These exercises also will prevent further setbacks from occurring, while producing RAPID results towards your goals of a toned, athletic body. You can also expect it to be versatile. It will help you with....

  • "Scenario" based training, designed to allow you to use any apparatus or equipment available to you, even when you're not at a gym or travelling​
  • A list of equipment you can utilize to treat your injuries, pain, tightness, immobility, complete with videos to refer to on the Wellman Wellness YouTube page or the NEW WWT training app!

​​You can also be game ready! Sport specific training programs to ensure your next season will be your best! includes....

  • Calisthenic style core exercises to help ensure stability and more fluent body control during changes of direction​ ​​
  • Sprint and change of direction principles to ensure more explosiveness and top speed ​​
  • Olympic lifting and power lifting programs to increase strength and power ​​
  • Effective "maintenance" programs to ensure full recovery and dexterity during a full season of play


The coaching experience doesn't stop when the sessions are over. In order to ensure success, Wellman Wellness Training offers extended coaching opportunities to ensure you get the most out of our teamwork.

  • Available Life Coaching and Mentorship through Wellman Wellness Training. Bi-weekly Progress Reports available upon request ​​
  • Access & usage of the WWT training app! Use an easy interface of workouts on a calendar, give/receive instant feedback from pre & post workout surveys (additional charges do apply) ​​
  • *Referral to our exclusive injury rehabilitation provided through Pivotal Physiotherapy to ensure full recovery of any injury, pain, tightness (separate charges will apply)*
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Two sessions a week:

$372.75/month (GST included)
3 months or more

Three sessions a week:

$451.50/mth (GST included)
3 months or more

*Scheduled partner training sessions are available for $262.50 per person per month (8 sessions)*

Online Trainer Edmonton


Are you always on the go? These sessions are made for a client with a busy schedule! You can book a session whenever it's convenient to you.

$70 per session


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