Brandon Quach / Slotback / Edmonton Wildcats Football (CJFL)

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"I am currently 20 years old, who's played just about every sport you can think of. Football, Rugby, and Soccer being my main sports. My major sports (Rugby & Football) are High Intensity, contain violent contact and all of them  entail LOTS of running, quick stopping, jumping, etc...

For an athlete like myself, your body goes through war every day. With the years and years of wear and tear plus minor/major injuries, eventually, it all catches up to you. Before seeing Taurean, I had excruciating shoulder and upper back pain, coupled with a knee injury I sustained a few years back left me sleepless at night, stressed during the day, and in constant pain which began to interrupt my training in the off season(s).  My offseason program I was utilizing was not addressing these issues and I continued to suffer, with the season starting at the end of July- early August 2016.

I've sought out numerous treatments to fix my issues, from massage therapist all the way to acupuncturists, all of which were unable to fix my problem let alone even figure it out what was wrong. What Taurean did for me was amazing.  Not only am I on my way to a pain free life again, He has also fixed all my muscle imbalances, re-establishing proper movement patterns back into my daily life so injuries like these don't reoccur again, while at the same time getting me ready for a long, physically demanding football season. I feel as though the older I get, the more I am going to need this guy in my life. Taurean is a great mentor & coach and I am proud to say that we have made a lifelong friendship as well. Thanks Wellman Wellness Training!"