Fix your "Dead Butt", and gain a strong, shapely booty with this program

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Do you sit at a desk or drive all day?

No joke... your sedentary lifestyle or job promotes dead butt syndrome.

Your butt, unfortunately, is dead.

And you may be doing exercises for it, but it simply is just not working.

Gluteal amnesia or dead butt syndrome happens when your glutes get tacked down and compressed for long periods of time. Unfortunately,

When the glute muscles stop moving and become weak, you may start to experience some problems — any of these sound familiar?

  • Knee pain
  • Thigh pain/tightness
  • Hip pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hamstring pulls/tightness
  • Flat butt :(

Since the glute muscles get too tight to respond, the exercises you’re doing will not activate them, unless the proper cycle of exercises are utilized.

The cycle should be….

  • Rolling out the “tissues with issues” that surround the hips and glutes
  • A combination of mobility drills that promote more global hip control and mobility
  • Strength training exercises that promote an increase in glute strength and size

Fortunately, there is a program available to fix this.

Click here to Contact Wellman Wellness Training, and ask for ‘FIX YOUR DEAD BUTT” program & videos to build up a strong, functional booty.

Believe and you can Achieve!

Taurean Wellman, Wellman Wellness Training

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