Those nagging injuries... GET RID OF THEM!

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Is the office job killing you? Sitting seems harmless, but it’s a silent killer. Obviously, you gain weight. What's even worse: your body gets tight. Tightness travels from our hips to the back, and then, the neck, which blocks blood flow, oxygen, water, and nutrients through our entire body. When you go from doing nothing to something suddenly, like boot camps, or fitness classes, etc. It's dramatic.

Too dramatic.

The results can be impactful, but not in a positive way. You're at risk of developing nagging pains, strains, or even worse, debilitating injuries. For most of us, we’ll carry tightness, and adhesions in under-used areas of the body: hamstrings, glutes, back, neck, shoulders. Chronic tightness causes the following symptoms:

  • Lack of energy and focus
  • Tight, or sore low back
  • Headaches
  • Breathing issues or constant sinus problems
  • Vision issues
  • Memory, or brain fog
  • Lack of sharp motor skills or coordination

Symptoms indicate a weakened immune system, which make you more susceptible to flus, and colds, as well as, making you vulnerable to the injuries.

What can be done?

Start warming up properly, son! An effective, efficient warm-up will take you to the next level in your work out. The best of best athletes do this, so why would you to start differently? If you don’t, your range of motion becomes limited. You become vulnerable to shear torsion limbs and their muscle attachments. You'll soon become familiar with some of the afflictions below, if you haven’t already:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Shin splints
  • Sore, or weak knees
  • Sprained knee ligaments or torn knee ligaments
  • Cramping calves
  • Pulled groins
  • Lower back injuries
  • Neck pulls
  • Shoulder pulls and strains
  • Weak grip, or forearm pain
  • Headaches
  • Sinus issues, or colds

Most of the time, you can't shake them. Why is that? You may seek out other answers: chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, massage therapy, or bandaged the issue with orthotics, specific running shoes, tensor bandages, and braces.

Sometimes, they can work, but only for the short term. It doesn't actually solve the problem. There's a pattern that needs to be addressed. The process of recovering from the injury can take its toll on you, physical and mentally, while draining your bank account for treatments. But, again, the pattern isn't broken.

You can re-injure yourself, which can bring you back to the beginning.

A smart start is to work with restorative exercises daily that can be done anywhere, or anytime! Breaking the pattern involves performing a cycle of exercises, with specific goals:

  • Repair tight, inflamed body parts from lack of repetitive movements, such as, sitting, standing, lifting the same way, etc.
  • Help to restore FULL mobility of your major joints (ankles, hip, shoulders) by FIRST releasing tension through rollout exercises and SECONDLY performing dynamic mobility exercises that improve end range motion (increase flexibility).
  • Improve posture through core strengthening exercises.

The "Moving Better" Program will strategically cycle these effective exercises in the precise order to fix your most stubborn issues.

Wellman Wellness' "Moving Better" Program comes with TWO personal sessions with Taurean, a nutrition package geared towards reducing inflammation in the body, video descriptions of each exercise, and a 25% discount towards personal training sessions in the future.

Get started today!


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