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I’m Taurean Wellman, the proud owner of Wellman Wellness Training.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

Physical activity is something that I took to from the time I was a toddler. My mum says I began walking at 7 months and 15 days, and by the age of 4, I played my first sport (soccer). Athletics soon became a passion, and I honed the physical skills needed to be a proficient athlete, taught to me by so many wonderful coaches and mentors. Along with physical attributes, I had to cultivate the properties of discipline and commitment to boost my mental strength.

The triumphs and successes of sport and physical activity inadvertently led to overcoming adversity in the form of multiple injuries arising due to movement dysfunction and the risks involved with highly competitive sports. One of the biggest challenges at the time was an inability to diagnose and prescribe a sound sequential base of fusion-based training to correct movement problems, stability issues, activation issues, reduce tightness, etc., for my needs as an athlete. These accumulative problems became more pronounced when I, later in my life, suffered from my most substantial injury, one that surpassed the complexity of countless injuries I had previously - a severe concussion and spinal fractures to the neck and back.

At the time of my injury, I was a professional personal trainer with close to two years of training and experience, but neither the training nor the experience helped me battle what I was about to face.

For about a year after the concussion and spinal fractures, my everyday life was unbearable. My lack of memory, mood changes, inability to withstand bright lights, loud sounds and other symptoms plagued me. I was indecisive, unable to properly walk, talk, or eat. I was lost in negative thoughts. I was depressed and contemplated suicide. I realized people didn’t want to be around the negativity, and I felt that changes needed to happen.

While I was receiving treatment from amazing health professionals to prevent the symptoms from getting worse, I found that a lot of my personal community of clientele, friends, family, and their respective networks experienced similar issues that I faced. 

Realizing that there was no one in my corner, nor theirs, I took it upon myself to fine-tune my choices and direction for education to heal. I believed it was my duty to give perspective, insight, and confident coaching that could direct someone into sound, healthy applications of movement.

It took some time, but the cool thing was it helped heal my head and my body. My health got better. I was able to train again. My personal relationships also improved. My patience returned, and above all, I was able to help people, especially those who suffered from injuries like mine, or worse. 

Since starting Wellman Wellness Training six years ago, I’ve been able to produce training modules that are clear to understand and empower people to get over those setbacks so they can achieve and maintain their own optimal wellness. Using my personal experience, the challenges I faced, and how I overcame them as an example of my methods, to ensure success for my clients, I implement layers of systematic, progressive phases according to the individual’s training requirements. I’ve also made it easier to navigate outside of sessions by implementing an app, a YouTube page with demonstrations, and educational videos. It ensures my clients’ needs get met when they exercise.

I think its imperative that whenever you are presented with an opportunity to interact with another human being, you value that time by providing a skill or habit that will help them improve their lives, so they can share this gift with those that they love too. Ultimately it is my goal to foster meaningful friendships with all my clients. The friendships we build have layers of personal discovery and fitness-related goals to find out exactly what can keep them engaged, consistent, and excited about improving. They improve their awareness around intentionally activating and using all parts of their body in a safe, efficient way, so it’s natural for both of us to get really excited about the variety of newfound physical activities they never thought possible, become relatively easy.

But by far, the most rewarding is when they’ve had nagging, debilitating injuries become manageable, and they are able to reclaim their confidence back with the activities they loved to do before having so much doubt or uncertainty they once had surrounding the injury. They may have got the run-around before, and heard “you can’t do this anymore” or lost hope, but working as a team, we usually debunk those limiting beliefs and that is truly a profound accomplishment for them.

With patience, acceptance, and commitment, I believe that anyone can overcome movement limitations and return to pain-free movement. Working as a team, we shall respect your current lifestyle, the challenges that may present, and create habits that can eliminate those limitations once and for all. This way, you’ll actually get intentional results, fast. However, keep in mind that what you put into the work, you will get out.

My goal with Wellman Wellness Training is to foster meaningful friendships with all clients. I’m committed to my clients, and as an individual, I believe what sets me apart from the others is my open communication. I render honest feedback that provides the best pathway for my clients to learn and grow.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with nagging, debilitating injuries, and could benefit from my expertise as a personal fitness trainer in Edmonton, Alberta, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit my website at