How To Solve Body Pain And Low Energy Level Problems

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Body aches and low levels of energy are a widespread complaint once you reach adulthood. Quite often, the main reason for this problem is our lifestyle. If you sit at a desk all day for work or lead an inactive life, your body becomes used to these restricted positions, and every time you try to reach out, stretch, bend, or exert your muscles, you tend to experience pain in the body and overall fatigue.

To help you recover your energy and increase your muscle flexibility, so your movement is more fluid, Wellman Wellness Training has covered three body-related issues below and the ideal ways to solve them. Keep reading to see how you can eliminate your physical limitations and replenish your drive to be active.

1. Body pain and a lack of energy when moving quickly or extending the body 
If you sit for long periods, you could suffer from poor posture. Specifically, if you hunch forward for very long, you may retain an incorrect posture. This wreaks havoc on the hips, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, neck, etc. When you attempt to move, you may feel limited to smaller, tighter movements, and when you extend out of that little bubble too fast, you may feel strains and pulls.

Furthermore, you may lack energy, focus, and coordination as there isn’t much oxygen and blood flow being circulated in a seated position. A typical workout regime including squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses, and pulls may be ineffective or downright dangerous until you deal with these issues properly within your warm-ups and ease into these longer or extended moves.

Changing your warm-ups to address these common issues is key to reversing the ill effects of sitting for too long. Proper warm-ups can even prevent strains, tightness, and pain from turning into an injury. Moreover, performing the ideal warm-ups will facilitate the loss of body fat, as oxygen and blood flow to these compromised areas will return.

To conduct the correct warm-ups, you need to re-think what you are currently doing and try to: 

a. Roll out the tissues with issues.

b. Create mobility drills that improve flexibility and range of motion in the most affected areas (like the ankles, hips, back, shoulders, and neck) in a very strategic, methodical way and by adding each joint movement cohesively one after another.

You can finish with the longer, more expressive, or rangey movements that can look like exercises in the program. Additionally, the first programs should work towards stabilizing the recruitment, activation, and intentional usage of the core and the postural muscles (posterior chain muscles of the back, glutes, and hamstrings). That way, you can improve your posture, weight distribution, and even out the forces you apply when moving your body (get better at pulling things instead of pushing things, improved control over your balance and the mobility of your torso, ankles, and hips).

2. Struggling to achieve fitness goals due to pain or resistance
My customers often want to start a fitness journey, but they tend to face common hurdles that force them to postpone their efforts. For example, they may have gained excess weight, suffer from lower back pain, headaches, and tight hips from sitting at a computer desk for long hours. If you’ve been faced with similar challenges, you already know what it’s like. You may want to get moving, but when you do, you feel less coordinated, balanced, drained of energy, or the pain in your body is too much to bear or work through an exercise. So, how can you do weights when simple exercise itself seems overwhelming?

The first step to solve this challenge is to come to terms with the scenarios or the lifestyle you lead. Once you acknowledge this, moving towards a workable solution should become easier. Your next step is to take on programs that:

a. Address the tightness and immobility in your body by rolling out the tissues with problems to get them in a state of rest or relaxation.

b. Encourage dynamic, moving drills that gradually open up the body to broader, more angled movements.

c. Create progressive programming that challenges a variety of postures, shapes, positions, movements where one can learn how to intentionally use all their body parts consistently to see rapid, everlasting change.

Doing this will turn you into the athlete you always wanted to be, and you will look like that too, all while learning how to maintain, troubleshoot, and overcome obstacles related to pain, tightness, and injury.

3. Feelings of apprehension due to previous injuries
If you have any previous injuries, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about getting back into exercise, as you could aggravate a problem you already have or create new ones. But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck and cannot exercise anymore. Uncovering the root of your mobility problem and its connected limitations can help you get back into an active life. However, you’ll only learn about your limitations through testing and analysis. To check out your physical condition and if past injuries are a problem while exercising, you can try out a FREE assessment with Wellman Wellness Training. Based on the results you receive, you’ll need to develop a game plan and program(s) that not only rehabilitate your injury but prepare the rest of your body to support the injured area while improving the control of the rest of the body intentionally.

For more solutions to your fitness challenges, feel free to reach out to Taurean Wellman at Wellman Wellness Training. My fitness company helps set the personal training standard for all of my clients. Right from the effective and proper application of warm-ups to powerful workouts, I am here to help your clients succeed. I also provide clients efficient and safe training to achieve optimal fitness and wellness. In the past, I’d suffered from physical injuries that prevented me from leading an active lifestyle. With the right warm-up and exercise regimes, I was able to rehabilitate my injuries and boost my strength. As a well-rounded fitness trainer, I aim to offer you similar benefits by working with you on a personal level.

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